Hedonic Adaptation

1. Hedonic Adaptation is a tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major … More

IKEA effect

1. My wife likes IKEA stuff. Every time we walk into IKEA, I have to check her priority. I like … More

Project Management Part II

13. Measure against the baseline – Discuss what information is sessential – Identify where the information is generated – Decide … More

Generation Alpha?

Let me share the list of generation according to sociologist. Builders: 1920-45 This generation is strong-willed, hard working, strong-ethically, conservative, … More


{What’s another word for perseverance. It is persistence. How terribly necessary to be persistence in everyday life. As this poem … More

Learning To Let Go

Many parents have difficulty letting their children move out of the house. They are worried that the kid wont be … More