Loneliness in kids

1. Life has endless challenges. Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of life. A warrior cannot complain … More


Challenges in executing the responsibility 1. Transformation is a process that requires commitment and energy. Breaking the notorious cycle that retards development … More

Competitive Life

1. She just wanted to watch tv. But mom said you have to be selective. I will decide which programs … More

Empathetic Understanding

1. She is just 14. Feeling dejected, sensitive to criticism, need to be loved, wistfulness formed part of her personality. … More

Absent Father

1. Everyday he whimpers upon reaching the classroom. Teachers are sick with him. We are puzzled by this behavior. Mum … More

Right of The Wife

1. How cruel keeping a wife but deny her of any right. What if she goes bonkers? 2. A wife must be … More

Love Is Blind

1. Puzzle like never before when she was just smiling. Didn’t know where she came from; the kampung? the name … More

Study on Bilingualism

1. Studies in bilingualism come from 3 main disciplines; psychology, applied linguistics, and education. Psychologists are interested in brain functioning … More