1. I think, I better pen down my thought again as I may quickly gain gradual memory loss as the premature neuronal loss is inevitable as time passed by. If I am allowed to foresee the future of Malaysian people, I believe we Malaysians are at the junction of political and socioeconomic transformation. This is a normal phenomenon in life since life is a dynamic process.

2. In a way, my life as clinician and academician is bestowed with blessing. Thanks to Allah for allowing me to breathe and feel the pulsating life through a telescope and microscopic lenses. There are instances when I am involved with policy formulation. Certainly, policy formulation requires far-sighted decision making which demands viewing problem at telescopic level. On the other hand, when a patient comes to me and she presents with items of life baggage which she can’t handle. I treat and manage her problems at the microscopic level. The satisfaction to help others in many different ways is what I define as the blessing.

3. I believe to achieve balance in life, an equilibrium between work and family life has to be sought after. Otherwise, miscalculation creates dysequilibrium and leads to crisis.

4. Dr. Kathleen Hall, an internationally recognized lifestyle expert in stress said: “We have overstretched our personal boundaries and forgotten that true happiness comes from living an authentic life fueled with a sense of purpose and balance.” Achieving balance and moderation has always been one of the objectives of the spiritual masters of the past and will remain so in the future.



Lesson from massive flood

1. Kelantan, the northeastern state experiences the worst ever flood in many years. The tragedy evokes many devastating images on Facebook. I stayed for 16 years in Kubang Kerian, behind the royal palace or infamously known as Istana Air Mata. Never before my house was flooded since Kubang Kerian was considered a safe haven. There is a river behind HUSM which runs along To Guru’s house in Pulau Melaka that eventually meets the South China Sea. Not uncommon to see the river overflows; covering the nearby fish pond during monsoon seasons.

2. Dr. Newton, the old friend of mine, used to bring me to his house, near Kelantan river mouth. To get to his house, I have to travel via Pengkalan Chepa airport and turn left into narrow, impoverished village roads. More often than not, I would witness families with small children, watching plane; arrival and departure, near airport runaway, experiencing fresh breeze of northeastern wind, directly from the sea.

3. Recent disaster is unthinkable. I am sad because I can’t help the people the way many volunteers do by going to the ground zero and provide direct help to people building their lives which have shattered by the disaster. I know there are many volunteers risking their life and comfort, helping flood victims without expecting any rewards and adulation.

4. I believe major disaster like this has multifactorial origin; be it internal or external. Web search has shown massive deforestation in Dabong, Galas, Manik Urai and Lojing. I guess, putting all together, they are as huge as Perlis state. I wonder who is responsible for awarding logging permit and making sure the company logs within the permitted area? Deforestation leads to collected water run downhill quickly overflowing rivers, stream and eventually low lying towns and villages. No time for water absorption as the catchment areas have long gone and perish. Deforestation theory is justified by the presence of tea colored flood water, thick mud and dust as well as massive logs stranded in front of dilapidated houses, in the aftermath of the calamity.


5. I was made to understand that this year phenomenon was made worse due to increasing sea tides, resulting from increasing distance between the earth and the moon. 

6. A large amount of rain falls over a short period of time contributes to the flood as many clogged drains can’t cater the excess water volume in the state that is infamously known for having poor irrigations system. 

7. Precautionary measures should include developing early warning system and enhance weather forecast ability. Short-term plans include building temporary shelters, giving physical and psychological first aids and post-trauma management.

8.  Mid-term plans include building schools, hospitals, and flood relief centers on the high ground especially in flood-prone areas and concerted effort to clear clogged drain and stream. Helicopter landing pads must be built in rural hospitals. First aids, communication and logistic equipment procurement, abundant food supply must be ready during monsoon months.

9. Definitive long-term measures include building dams, developing proper flood mitigating system like dredging and deepening river mouth. Training of human resources like lifesavers, paramedics, security and health personnel must be made available throughout the year. They have to be put on alert when the flood struck every year ends. Strong leadership and command will eventually lead to a remarkable success.

10. Afforestation must become top agenda even if it might have a financial risk in return for environmental gain. Continue reading

The Right to Live

1. An old man was dumped near the roadside. The unknown had subjected this old man to torture by dumping him near the rubble dumping site. When he was rescued, he was confused and demented.

2. After several searches with the police and relevant authorities for about two months, we manage to get his identity and relatives. All I don’t understand is how a man in a ‘dump truck‘ (the unknown) who happen to be a big brother dare to throw away his own brother like throwing a cat near the roadside. Then spreading stories that he is living on welfare aid. For sure, I hope I am wrong and I need another side of the story.

3. Elderly abuse is not a new phenomenon. A Malaysian survey has shown an alarming statistics. 636,461 elderly parents have been abandoned and did not receive support from their children. A new Mental Health Act 2001 makes a compulsory regulation for children to take care of mentally ill parents.

4. The government must help to ease the family burden by formulating Mental Health Benefits Act. Malaysians require some level of coverage to be provided for patients with serious mental illnesses. This group of patient needs some level of care which encompass their basic human right to live and breathe as we do.

5. Now it’s the time to act, dear parliamentarians..

The Language of Colour

1. White is said to cleanse and purity, cool and calming. It works well in any colour combination. My wife dislikes white because the colour can easily get dirty. Second reason is because it reflects so much light and hence shows every imperfection. In photo editing, white is best used when the background is dark.

2. Red symbolizes energy, warmth, and passion. That’s why I use this color to motivate me since it symbolizes passion.

3. Blue is calming and relaxing. I don’t know how it becomes the color of our security force. How are you going to answer if people were to ask you which sides are you on: blue or green?

4. Green indicates calm, well-being and religion. My family baju raya will be in hijau pucuk pisang (green banana shoot). I think it is a great choice because I want to feel calm and restful.

5. I believe it is important to choose the color that can change dramatically the visual proportion of one’s size. At the same time, color indicates the mood and atmosphere that one needs to create. Green grass or golden green do not serve that purpose.

6. My daughter is still in doubt and believes blue is still the best…

Nothing Like A Freedom To Publish

Venture into something different like writing on the net, is very exciting indeed. Many don’t realize the roomy feeling due to endorphine released while pressing the button publish.

Writing comes with heavy responsibility. Self-censorship is vital.

1. I State My Idea
It is my idea about the world I live in. Of course, I need to see and observe others to come out with my own ideas. I am not Socrates.

2. Appreciate Other People Ideas by giving compliment
Basically if I borrow ideas from people, I have to acknowledge either by giving compliment or Thank You. Sometimes in a hurry, I forget. That’s human nature.

3. Short Sentence, Simple Word
If I write in full sentences, it is simply a process of training my mind which use to think in my native language. It is about the ‘software’. The advise is use short and simple sentences.

4. Short Post
Short post, less mistake made.

5. I Learn to Make Headlines 
Difficult task until today…still learning.

6. I don’t like bullet Point
I like writing, not listing. I enjoy training my mind to construct ideas rather than constructing lists.

7. Pictures
I’ll try putting more pictures but I am not a professional photographer.

8. Consistent writer
I publish every day. That makes me a consistent writer and blogger. It just take 10 minutes to write simple posting. It is just a candid idea.

9. Write in English
My blog in English was viewed 4 times higher than the Malay. The lesson: write in English.

10. Write, Edit and Re-edit
Yes, the art of good writing is editing.

Into Hidden Village

Just few kilometres from Custom and Immigration checkpoint, lies the ‘illegal jetty’ where local people who are either of Malaysia or Thai citizens or both move easily criss-cross the two countries.

Rantau Panjang, a small border town on the Malaysian side is annexed to Sungai Golok town on the Thai border; divided by a small river that often flooded in the monsoon season.

This jetty that lies behind a row of shop-lot, is pretty much off-limits to tourist. I remember, a friend from Manila, an external examiner who joked saying that he’d never been to a border town in the Philippine. True enough, Philippine has no border town.

Interestingly, soldiers are just watching from both sides on activities going on without muddling much on the livelihood of the people.

In Memory Of My Mother

When I was a child, I remembered my mother used to grind spices using batu giling. It was a hard work, each time she prepared us curry. She sweated even before the real cooking session started.

Those days, having served chicken curry was a luxury. To catch chicken is a half-day work. My brother was given a task of chasing them; he was pacing up and about the small compound, trying to tame down the roosters and yet his voices were heard throughout the whole kampung.

Mother is the best chef I ever know. I used to tell my wife: I like your cooking, but my mother’s cooking is still the best. To my surprise, she never jealous over my mother. She knows simply, like it or not, I have to surrender eating her cooking.

When my mother was dying in my hospital, my entire family and I went for our daily visit. I remember, sleeping on the floor almost every night, watching the computer screen and doing my work while she was sleeping on the hospital bed.

I knew her last moment has came up, when I correctly called my sister to return back to the hospital even though she had safely reached her home in Seremban. Once she and her family reached the hospital, my mother exhaled her last breath.

Today is a Mother’s Day. I know I would never met my mother again. But all the thoughts about you raced my mind as I ventured closer through pictures and albums.. I knew all I witnessed is my past memory. And tears dropped from my eyes..Al-Fatihah.

Fairy Tale Wedding

Am I allowed to be skeptical about fairy tale wedding?

Yes and No.

No, because I watched Will and Kate were looking at each other’s eyes, kissed each other’s lips in the balcony of Buckingham Palace. They were in love.

Yes, because the history of British Royal Family stated otherwise. When Diana and Charles got married 30 years ago, I was in my 20s. Like any other people, I was excited. When Princess Di died as a result of tragic accident, I was attending conference in Kuching. I skipped the session just to watch the ceremony, telecast lived by CNN. In between those episodes, Diana’s life was miserably upside down. [].

Time will tell how this prince charming had been affected by those events. The past life of Charles may be exaggerated but the recent episode when Charles and Camilia’s car was attacked by protestors last December in London was true.

BTW, Happy Workers’ Day to all Malaysians.


Travel along East-West Highway just to attend half-a-day meeting. Sound ridiculous. But that is the necessity for many of us. I was travelling the day Sarawakians threw their support back to the incumbent party. Needless to say, the travel was tiring but worthwhile.

I imagine our country is like Switzerland. Switzerland’s geographical position with its transit routes over the Alps make it desirable for the construction of tunnels to preserve the beautiful scenery and environment. I was made to understand that tunnel building has a long history in Switzerland.

Tunnels have made Switzerland’s famous as a tunnel-building nation. Years of experience, both in Switzerland and abroad, enable engineers to decide what kind of tunnels are best for the specific slopes and lands.

The 57-kilometre (35.4-mile) high-speed rail link, which will open in 2017, will form a new rail network between northern and southeastern Europe and help ease congestion and pollution in the Swiss Alps. It is the third tunnel to be built through the snowbound  area but it is much the longest and three kilometres longer than a rail link between two Japanese islands, the current record holder at 53.8 kilometres. Wow…!

If Malaysia was able construct a tunnel underlying Titiwangsa range, I would imagine that time has come for this country to be called a developed country. Yo..

Look at how the Japanese build their own bridge and tunnel..

Geopolitics are against Mubarak

I trust from Indonesia to the Middle Eastern countries, every Muslims asked would disagree to allow Mubarak, the most indispensable Washington ally in the middle eastern world, to cling to power. On the other hand, if Egypt is allowed to crumble, I’m afraid the country would turn into chaos and Egypt would forever be another Iraq.

It is like a tug-of-war between opponents on one hand and the regime, on the other hand. How long the demonstrators could last by hurling taunts and rock in exchange of artillery barrage of tear gas? Or it could be true that the demonstrators have no well-organized leader that lead to a soft kind of response from the army.

At the end of the day, it is the question of who could sustain enough endurance to sustain the power struggle: rakyat (masses) or regime.

True enough the poor masses need to feed themselves whereas Mubarak had been fed by Washington a total of $600 billion in US aid over the past three decades.

Of course, the money is not for him but most go to modernize the army in order to check on Iran, Hamas and other Islamic revolutionary groups which could spark uprising and cause trouble in that part of the world. America has to make sure that in the power equation, Israel has to be ahead of Mubarak’s Egypt.

Perhaps, the final count is rakyat vs America. But geopolitically, the rakyat are people in the Muslim world.