You Are Superb

1. Her dialect had changed to baku-ish slang after the injury which landed her in ICU for days. Friends were … More


1. When someone says he is all right and stress-free, I will always in doubt. 2. All the craziness in … More


1. I have no idea how Ghafar is able to make his own belacan. But Miri’s belacan is special, especially … More

Protest and Social Justice

1. Politic is like religion. You can never separate politics from human life. Therefore, I understand why people protest and … More


1. Firefly is an airline but fireflies are lightning bugs which used bioluminescence┬áto attract mates or prey.┬áThose two are different … More

Race Against Time

1. I was searching around if iPhone price has reduced since the introduction of iPhone4s. Unfortunately the answer is no. … More

Stress in Malaysian Students

1. Back from attending a workshop with medical students on stress. Questionnaires were distributed; students were mapped on sources of … More