Party Wins the Battle, Rakyat Wins the War

  1. The reality of a new political landscape in Malaysia Baharu is the existence of a two-party system and two divided political territories.
  2. Since the last 14th General election, the battle keeps going in the form of by-elections. In Sg Kandis, Seri Setia and Balakong, Pakatan Harapan (PH) won handsomely despite its inability to keep the 100-day promise. It is pretty obvious that the two forces are still at war especially when UMNO and PAS have formed close cooperation together.
  3. Like it or not, UMNO and PAS have opened up to meet a new challenge. For PAS, the Islam-centric line it takes thus far has accommodated pretty well with the Malay-centric UMNO, even with some resistance shown by some quarters. In the process, MCA and MIC have lost their significance due to the failure to garner enough support from their respective communities and the split-up votes into various opposition parties as clearly demonstrated in the previous three by-elections.
  4. There is no basis to worry that the two-party system would accelerate into major battles when “the winner turns into ashes and the loser turns into charcoal (“Yang menang jadi abu dan Yang kalah jadi arang“).
  5. The rakyat has made the decision and for sure the winner has to carry out the responsibility in order to be re-elected in the 15th General election.
  6. No way the government can stop the dissatisfied lots. Matters pertinent to their life like accelerating cost of living, protection to the right of the Malays, alleged selective persecution, to mention a few have to be answered to the satisfaction of the rakyat.
  7. All in all, I believe PH as a party has won the battle and generally, the rakyat has won the war.

You Are Superb

1. Her dialect had changed to baku-ish slang after the injury which landed her in ICU for days. Friends were bemused and they teased her: ‘ganas mu..’

2. Today she has headaches and couldn’t go to school. She had just come back from the nearest government health clinic when we arrived. Reporters had ceased visiting her since she is more or less not to be pursued for prime news anymore.

3. She welcomed us with a timorous smile. Mum was in school attending adik’s Hari Kecemerlangan Akademik. We opened up our kit and started testing her cognitive abilities.

4. What astonishes me is how she now needs to work with some effort to speak the slang that she used to converse before with unpretentious free and easy.

5. She has now transformed into a renaissance girl, obedient and well-behaved daughter.

6. We all burst into laughter as we are convinced she is now ‘ganas‘ (superb!)


1. When someone says he is all right and stress-free, I will always in doubt.

2. All the craziness in today’s world will never make you totally stress-free, I guess.

3. When we saw cases of conversion disorder, almost all present as if nothing is happening; a situation in which patients show lack of concern for the disability but in one case, unfortunately, later we found she has porphyria.

4. Workplace culture and adjustment failure are usually subtle. Many have the symptoms even after years of working.

5. We need some stresses in life to propel us ahead of others..


1. I have no idea how Ghafar is able to make his own belacan. But Miri’s belacan is special, especially to sambal belacan’s lover. When I was presented with a year stock of belacan what can I say?

2. According to Ghafar, making belacan is not difficult. What he needs to do is to ‘jemur’ those tiny shrimp on top of the roof after mixed well with ‘garam’ and leave for it to dry and ‘tumbuk’ with ‘lesung batu’ till ‘lumat’. You got to Google translate those words!

3. One thing amazing about Miri’s belacan is that it has very much less foul smelling aroma. Am still in a daze how he makes it that way.

4. Don’t be surprised. the famous actor has a side business in making belacan too (Read Here). It has potential to become a serious business for him one day.

5. Budu is analog to belacan. A colleague claims that budu is good for the brain (brain food) and I have no idea of how to counterstrike his statement so he may be right! ha..

Protest and Social Justice

1. Politic is like religion. You can never separate politics from human life. Therefore, I understand why people protest and the dire need to build up civil society.

2. I’d rather be a rational person. I can’t take sides and close my eyes on one side or the other. I have been told in academia to avoid bias. I am very irritated with those who keep changing their stance. To me, they are politicians without principle.

3. I’ve nothing against Mike Ficken’s, Reader Digest article on the importance of peaceful protest. Without protest how could we uphold social justice. History has shown it again and again when people are oppress they fight back in a robust momentum like a spring with the domino effect.

4. Many students use political activism to escape ache and pain striving for excellence in the classroom. Few student activists are really good in their study though. In the end, balance is very much needed. Students must show excellence in their study and at the same time knowledgeable on issues faced by the nation.



1. Firefly is an airline but fireflies are lightning bugs which used bioluminescence to attract mates or prey. Those two are different except that both can fly.

2. When I was small I used to catch this bugs. I was fascinated by the chemically-produced light from the lower abdomen which I remember always green in color.

3. Now, of course, I don’t play with fireflies anymore. On the other hand,  I had an opportunity to fly with Firefly on several occasions. On the first occasion using  Fokker F50 aircraft many many years back and fairly recently using ATR 72-500 aircraft from Sultan Ismail Petra airport to Subang.

4. Compare to 737 aircraft, the seating in ATR 72-500 aircraft is just 2-seater on both sides of the cabin. Here, the refreshments are included in the bill. The ritual of informing customers about emergency procedures is similar to Malaysia Airline, the parent company of Firefly.

5. The reason for choosing Firefly for many people is to save cost on traveling. True enough, for those who book late the price is found to be reasonable compared to another low-cost airplane.

Race Against Time

1. I was searching around if iPhone price has reduced since the introduction of iPhone4s. Unfortunately the answer is no. A store assistant was smiling when I posed her the question; 4S is no where to be seen, she said. Homo sapiens are searching for technology as never before. Yet, we are left behind in the race for technological supremacy. Are we the master or servant of technology when each time technology change; we are the one who are racing against time.

2. If you are a businessman who always on the look for the business opportunity; here is the figure. Over the next 10 years, number of people online doubles from 2 billion to 4 billion. Very much so, the number of internet linked devices quadruples from 5 to 20 billion. Those data speak for themselves. Any opportunity in the future is on the way people connect and use internet for social and educational purposes.

3. It is therefore very clear that people are racing against time. The speed with which new technologies have been adopted by us all, in general, has increased many folds. Those who are young, affordable and techno-savvy, the turn over of using the ever-changing technology is much higher.

Action, please?