Durian Story

Durian time! It’s the heady wafts of durian everywhere. I am OK but some people are partially choked by it. … More

Hari Raya

Celebrating Eids every year is a must. When the new moon set in, Syawal appears. The last week of Ramadan … More

Aspiration of PMS

1. In the Malaysian context, private medical schools (PMS) are largely divided into few catagories based on the ownerships, niche … More

On Becoming a Doctor

Some people are forced into medicine because of parental persuasion. Parents may think that once they grow older, doctors in … More

Medical School of Today

1. Those who live under great academic leader like Ungku Aziz can imagine the difficulties in running a university based … More

Perfect Stranger

1. When I take student for clinical exam, I have to be a stranger to them. I have to get … More