The third wave

I live in the residential area of Kulim Hi-Tech Park. I work at Kuala Ketil and Bandar Perda. Every time … More

Freedom of Speech

1. Intellectual discourse is part of the freedom of speech. Malaysian universities allow academicians to embark on free academic discourse … More

A Conversation with YB

  1. I had a conversation with a ‘wakil rakyat’ on the need to adopt sustainable development in his ‘kawasan’ … More

Philosophy of Work

1. Work plays a very important role in life. Interestingly, the definition of work varies from person to person. Income … More

The Beginner Guide to Myth

1. I’ve come across when a scientist or people trained in medicine who become misguided to believing a black magic, … More


1. “Paradoks” is a Malay novel written by the former Deputy Minister of Finance, Datok Dr. Affifudin Hj Omar. 2. … More