20 Responses to "DR MOHD JAMIL YAACOB"

Salam prof, sorry to disturb u by sending this message, i’ve failed to reach via email.

I hope that this find you well,

My name is Dr Juliana, a family medicine trainee under UKM second year,

If you do not mind I would like to ask for the permission to use the validated version of Bahasa Malaysia for the above questionnaires to be used for my study on emotional disturbances among pregnant women and the associated risk factor.

I am really grateful and appreciate if you are willing to provide the permission and the questionnaires as well.

Thank you, i look forward to receive your feedback.

Kindest regards ,

Dr Juliana Idora Bt Abdul Jalal,
Pegawai Sarjana Perubatan,
Perubatan Keluarga
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

E: idora_de@yahoo.mail

Ok, I’m honoured, Dr Juliana. Pls go ahead.

Dear Prof. ,

Can I know if the Malay validated version of Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale has score categories for low, moderate or high level of self-esteem? If so, what will be the range of score category like?

I have noted the original version of RSES only has four-point scale while RSES Malay validation version has 5-point scale. Will this affect the scoring especially if the score categories exist?

I am really thankful and appreciate your reply.

Kind regards,
Selina Ding
PhD student, UPM
Clinical Psychologist

Dear Professor,

I’m writing to you because I read your interesting article entitled “The development and validity of the medical student stressor questionnaire (MSSQ)”.

I’m a researcher of Brescia University (Italy) and I’m working on a project on student wellbeing. I’m currently writing a project to assess the stress of medical students, and I would be very interested in using your instrument (MSSQ).

Besides using the MSSQ to assess stress, I would be interested also to publish the Italian version of the instrument, in order to test whether the Italian version is equivalent to the English one (consistency).

Do you know if others in Italy are dealing with the Italian translation of the MSSQ? Can I have your permission?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Chiara Buizza

You are most welcome.

I have no knowledge, Chiara

TQ for your interest. Please cite the author as usual. TQ.

Assalamualaikum Prof, I’m azeanty from UKM , just want to clarify regarding scoring for Malay version is different from the english right as the English version got 4 answers only?Malay got 5. so the total is 40 if Likert scale starts with 0-4? and 50 if started with 1-5? correct me Prof if I’m wrong.
I will appreciate your assistance regarding this..

Get the median, azeanty

Thank you very much Prof…Selamat berpuasa.

Salam Dr Mohd Jamil,

I’m a doctoral candidate for DrPH and I’m planning to study on the stress and well-being of adolescents in Sarawak. I came across your study on Validity and Realibility Study of Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale in Seremban School children. Therefore, I’m trying to reach out to you to ask for your permission to use the malay version of RSES. I hope you will get my message as I’ve been trying to search for your email address. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. My email address:

Thank you.


Dr Lai Hui Yee

Yes, Dr. Pls proceed.


Salam Dr.,

I am a doctoral candidate under UniSZA. I am writing to ask written permission to use the GHQ-12 in my research study. My research focuses on the influence of spirituality and psychological effects in drug addiction problems. I came across your study on THE SENSITIVITY, SPECIFICITY AND RELIABILITY OF THE MALAY VERSION 12-ITEMS GENERAL HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE (GHQ-12) IN DETECTING DISTRESSED MEDICAL STUDENTS.

Therefore, I decide to use the entire instrument based on your article published on this questionnaire.Looking forward to hearing from you soon. My email address:

Rozeeda Kadri

Please use it. Doakan saya, moga menjadi amal jariah.


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