Stress at Workplace

  1. Mr. Hawari is a 30-year-old gentleman who has previously worked in customer service but has just moved to administrative dept for the past year. He had been referred for quarrelsome behaviour and inability to control his anger. He described his working condition as pleasant except when he began to have problems with his immediate supervisor, resulting in a police report against him and the subsequent performance difficulties he developed shortly after that.
  2. Mr. Hawari (not his real name) is a quiet, introverted person who feels that he has been ‘victimized’. His response to ‘the perceived feeling of being a victim’ is powerlessness, but on some occasions he also acts in a passive-aggressive way. In addition to this, he sometimes feels sad, easily tired and embarrassed, as his case has been the talk of the town at some particular times. Nevertheless, sleep and appetite were not impaired. He denies listening to people talking to him or believing that people are trying to charm him or hurt him. He engages in self-talk and reacts in a peculiar way to express his anger, that is, by writing an obscene report to his supervisor.
  3. Mr Hawari worries about the next stage of action and often develops palpitations but never exceeds the level of developing panic attack or anxiety disorder.
  4. Mr Hawari has an adjustment disorder predisposed by his introverted personality, precipitated by stress at work.
  5. He must submit to how to improve interpersonal skills in the workplace by focusing on how to cultivate a positive outlook, how to control his emotions, how to be assertive and empathetic with colleagues and co-workers, as well as how to work together as a team. He must learn to face frustration and solve problems.
  6. The organization must be able to support him. I trust as in many organization, HR Department is able to deal with this type of work misfit.
  7. Stress at workplace if not deal properly will tarnish reputation of the organization. Please consult organizational psychologist or psychiatrist to work with emplyees who are at risk of developing stress at workplace.