The third wave

  1. I live in the residential area of Kulim Hi-Tech Park. I work at Kuala Ketil and Bandar Perda. Every time the number of new Covid-19 in Kedah and Penang accelerates, I get a checkmate. I’m well aware that I’m in danger if I travel on both sides.
  2. Covid-19’s threats are real. Every day the Ministry of Health reports the highest number of new cases. Malaysia has now surpassed Thailand and also the Philippines in terms of rapid spread in the South East Asian nations. How could that happen?
  3. When we faced the first wave, we managed to contain the spread to the extent of 0 new cases in a day. After Sabah’s state elections, the number increased and the third wave even showed the worst uncontrolled situation.
  4. New cases were expected to reach 5,000 cases in March, and hospital facilities might not be able to care for the sick.
  5. We really do need the vaccine.
  6. The question is, how fast can the vaccine provide immunity to the whole community? Secondly, how can we convince certain segments of the community who are against vaccine? Third, how to minimize socio-economic impact of Covid-19 if lock down measures are to be tightened and the duration of MCO has to be prolonged.
  7. We’ve heard people say that we have to live with Covid-19. Yes. Like countless other Asian countries, we are no different from them. But why, the disease spread so fast especially at the third wave and it seems that we are not able to manage the spread. Does it have to do with inconsistent public health policies or political indecisions?
  8. Is that something we have to worry about? Leader, you’d better make up your mind.