When UEL donates..

  1. It’s my concern when I saw Ustaz Ebit Liew (UEL) coming to help out (read: save) a government organization like HKL. The question, I have in mind is: who forms the government? UEL or Perikatan Nasional-led parties. UEL is only practicing his belief in doing a good job of helping others. It’s all right. The failure by the government of the day with all the machinery and infrastructures, indicates a systemic failure of the nation. I pray God I’m wrong. If the government agency is unable to provide and help the masses, but needs the assistance of some non-governmental or individual organizations to help lead their role, then I doubt, what direction the nation is leading now.
  2. Zakat Kedah was very sensitive when UEL exposed poverty at Alor Star. In my opinion, it indicates that Zakat Kedah is doing it’s job. When you are doing your work, you become sensitive when someone tries to reproduce the same work in the locality you serve (*). My point is: it’s fine to feels sensitive when you are actually doing your job. When you keep mom and you don’t feel anything wrong, then something is not right, somewhere.
  3. Politicians must be wary as the masses are watching them. I am worried when people come to the conclusion that all politicians are useless and that they feed only their own interests. Mistrust breeds disloyalty in politics. That’s why politicians jump boats regularly. In the next election, rakyat will decide. Those who have not performed will be driven out of the office.
  4. To reduce poverty, complicated bureaucratic processes need to be simplified so that assistance can reach those in need in time. When people are poor, unemployed and ill because of the Covid-19 pandemic, they easily lose patience and can easily be stressed with the bureaucratic processes. Here comes UEL to rescue those in need. I am not suprise if UEL will be elected in the next elections!
  5. While the frontliners are busy managing Covid-19 pandemic, the government must mobilize the support of other government departments to help rakyat that are affected by the social and economic impact of the viral pandemic. If we can get hundreds of UELs from different departmental offices, I think, more rakyat can be helped as much as possible.
  6. Government officials were able to mobilize the mothers who did not work, to work at home and find employment for young unemployed people who had just fired from their jobs. In the end, jobs are created and more people benefitted.
  7. Finally, I know that at the macroeconomic level, the government is giving aid and incentives that are worth billions of ringgit to help people in need. Nevertheless, the government should remember that to buy people’s heart and souls, it is not just by simply providing budget announcements only. A personal touch is required too.


(*) Note: The episode eventually came to a good end when both sides made peace between them. That’s what Islamic solidarity is all about.)