Yeay…It’s Saturday

  1. Saturday is the day I can sit home alone, revitalize my energy after a week of full-time work hussle. Friday is a day of practice. Sunday is a working day in the state I’m living in.
  2. When I started my sessional clinic 5 years ago, it was on Saturday but since friends were invited to parties that fall most of the time Saturday, I had to move my clinic to Friday. The disadvantage of having clinics on Friday is that the time is short compared to the other days.
  3. My life has been full of surprises lately. I spend surprisingly little time taking care of what matters most: myself and my health. I’m busy with the clinic and campus life, forgetting the fact that as I grow old, the pursuit of happiness should be the top priority.
  4. It’s different now, I fully appreciate every moment of my life. As experts say, at least follow five simple steps to find happiness. (i) value the relationship with the people you love around you – your husband/wife, children, neighbors, co-workers, (ii) focus on the positive and avoid negative people, (iii) express yourself – this can be done by talking to people, writing blogs, singing or reading holy book aloud, (iv) simple exercise, (v) share your wealth with others or sadaqah.
  5. Don’t forget to eat simple foods and hydrate your body with a proper drink.
  6. People express themselves on social networks as a means for their contacts to know what they think and try to communicate their feelings virtually. The availability of new technologies in the pursuit to find happiness. As long as you don’t get intimidated, that’s OK for me. Don’t get too attach to your mobile devices and use them discriminately.
  7. Have a nice day!