Perceived Inequality

We’re facing difficult times ahead. Unemployment, lack of job opportunity, poverty rates are raising. These problems create an imbalance of … More


Time and again, I have been tested. One day, on returning home from a long drive from KL, I had … More

When UEL donates..

It’s my concern when I saw Ustaz Ebit Liew (UEL) coming to help out (read: save) a government organization like … More

Pada zaman ini

Pada zaman ini.. ketika Firaun menjarah khazanah negara, serta Qarun yang tamak haloba, masih kebal dan berkata-kata, SARS-CoV-2 datang sebagai … More

Yeay…It’s Saturday

Saturday is the day I can sit home alone, revitalize my energy after a week of full-time work hussle. Friday … More