Movement Control Order (MCO)

  1. Since MCO is in place, the surrounding is very quiet. No more sound of irate parents sending their kids off to school or screeching tyres of some irrate school buses early in the morning. Neither there are sounds of drunken men going home shouting after night of carousing.
  2. Fasting month of Ramadhan is over. This year Ramadhan is rather quiet. Tarawikh prayers are done at home. On the Takbir night (at the end of Ramadhan that welcome the Syawal) we had arranged a live telecast connected all our siblings and relatives. It was the first time that we utilize technology in doing religious routine.
  3. Fortunately, during the fasting month, weather is typically cool. The tropical sun is not blasting hot and those sunny clear blue sky days make my heart sings as covid-19 has find ways to keep them blue and clear.
  4. Syawal this year of 2020 is rather mildly celebrated. Ketupat, nasi himpit and rendang are always the main dishes during Hari Raya. Some dishes are made and learned directly from You-Tube.
  5. Internet has becomes a new 2020 phenomena. Many people are relying on the internet to do works from home such as giving lectures, conduct meetings or even doing housechores.
  6. Surprisingly, more works need to be done during MCO for university administrators like us. For those managing student affairs, food and accomodation for students stranded in hostels need to be taken into planning.
  7. For acadsemic staff, on top of preparing online classes, they need to document every steps of work they are doing in order to prepare for the audit of university, Rest asssured, many are willing to come despite government order to stay at home and conduct work from home.
  8. Looking retrospect, MCO has teaching us to be living differently with new norm to be adhered to. This happens so sudden and unexpected for us to adapt, learn, re-learn and co-learn.

Stay safe.