Hari Raya

  1. Celebrating Eids every year is a must. When the new moon set in, Syawal appears.
  2. The last week of Ramadan was spent for hunting the auspicious LailatulQadar.
  3. Next, in the agenda is Hari Raya Eidul Fitr. The celebration starts with acquiring new Hari Raya paraphernalia like new Baju Melayu and kueh mueh such as ketupat and rendang.
  4. This year Raya is slightly different. As kids are busy working and celebrate Raya in a rushing mode, the jubilation is slightly limited. As we are getting older, the mode of celebration is shifting. Becoming independent means I have to shut myself off from being too hedonistic about Raya. Let’s the young ones celebrate as now is their time to fully celebrate Raya.