Medical School of Today

1. Those who live under great academic leader like Ungku Aziz can imagine the difficulties in running a university based on demand from the generation that dominated sociopolitical pursuits at that time.

2. Though the era of student revival like in the 70s had become the past, demand from the new generation of iGen (or Gen Z) in the era of 2020s is real and urgent. Even if we pay close observation on the event that lead to governmental change during the last 14th general election, the voting result suggests that the role of this generation is significant and indisputable.

3. Running smart institution like medical school is challanging in many ways:

(a) Having vision is important for future planning of the medical school. As vision help leaders to see possibilities of tomorrow within the realities of today and motivates them to do what need to be done.

(b) Getting good team members provide good team work as the world is moved not only by the mighty shoves of the heroes but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.

4. We do see many schools of similar orientation offer similar courses. That means competition is stiff when each and every medical school has to create niche area and identifying unique character.

5. These uniqueness has to be made known to potential costomers through proper sale and marketing practices. At the end of the day, market force will determine the survivor of the race tribes.

6. Designing marketable curriculum to meet everchanging demands in medical sector like aging in the population, urbanization and related occupational hazard, life style changes and non-communicable related diseases must always be the priority for lifelong survival.

7. Finally, research and innovation strategies have to produce impactful results to the students, faculty and community at large.