Perfect Stranger

1. When I take student for clinical exam, I have to be a stranger to them. I have to get rid of bias and jaundice view of the candidate ability. Unfortunately, many people have difficulty to be impartial.

2. These conflicting roles are difficult to deal with. One as a teacher who is supposed to guide students and another as examiner who is supposed to gauge how much knowledge acquired by the students.

3. I had humbly confessed to a person who later turn out to be a colleague that I had forgotten when did I last examined him as clinical student. It is not that I’d suffered from selective amnesia but my mind wasn’t focussing on his face when I examined him but rather focusing on his thought and the substance that he presented.

4. Bias is the term that needs to be avoided in any clinical examination. Suggestion is a form of bias. Cues and clues subtly help students to pick up the answer that examiners expect.

5. Playing dual role is obviously hard. I hope I could keep acting well into my 60s.