Sure Heboh

  1. It has been almost an hour since we had left our daughter with her colleagues. We went around the stadium. So many cars parked haphazardly along the road. Not a single policeman was seen till we reached the junction near the police headquarters.
  2. My eyes were fixed at the new KFC on my right. At this junction, we saw policemen on duty. I saw people walking a mile or two from the white canopies. There were many of them. Families made up the most.
  3. The unseasonable rain had been falling for several days. Today, the weather turned out to be fine and dry.
  4. My daughter and her mother made a point that they didn’t like being in the large crowd. They’d just preferred watching smiley moon rather than pushing people back to back in public. To them watching the crested moon and winked stars is much more pleasant than Sure Heboh.
  5. It is not that they are adhering to Seneca‘s advise that mass crowd is something to which you cannot entrust yourself yet without risk. Neither, it is not a form of social nor agoraphobia.
  6. The risk of overspending is unavoidable if you spend too much time in Sure Heboh. The crowd itself trumped-up pressure for you to buy. It’s a kind of social pressure in the company of famous artists and tv anchors.
  7. Throughout the years of my working trip expedition around the country, I prefer spending time seeking pleasure with my family more than spending with the crowd.
(Note: Seneca is a Roman philosopher, statesman, and advisor to Emperor Nero).