Hard Work and Good Life

1. I inherit the attitude of hard work from my dad. But I doubt it goes well with my children or not😁😁😁. My dad used to carry tons of ‘guni padi’ over his shoulder to load into a lorry, by climbing on a piece of sliding wood arranged like a sliding straight wooden ladder. I witnessed how tough life was when I was small.

2. When I worked as a houseman, I spent hours in the ward without knowing what time I was supposed to go back. I went home only when the work finished, only to realize that the time passed normal working hours for ordinary civil servants who work in the same hospital. Therefore, I didn’t remember to clock in and out as the duties were limitless.

3. The present generations are complaining that they have no life working in the hospital. They require many other ‘life’ such as life by the seaside, life in the cinema, life in the shopping mall and to time to ‘balik kampong’.

4. What’s the point of having a good pay if you can’t enjoy the hard-earning money? What’s the point of having a good car if you can’t travel? they asked.

5. Time has changed. Good per capita incomes have definitely change the philosophy of work and life. Altruism may not be the sole objective of voluntary commitment anymore. Rewards are needed.

6. Having said that, I still believe in the balance of hard work and reward philosophy as the way forward to motive human behaviors. No time should be wasted on futile hard work. At the same time, life has to be spent wisely and one has to live a balanced life.


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