Sustainable Organization

1. We are still in the process of organizing ourselves. Day in, day out, the thinking is on how to run a strategic organization in order to achieve its objective of a profitable, recognizable organization.

2. There are several traps of moving forward. One of those is the dependency on yesterday’s business model. The new business model needs to let go exclusiveness and accept openness. The dynamic of the new business model is on the concept of open allure to everyone to assist in the development and further progress. A synergistic concept doesn’t mean that we have to forget the basic principle to believe on our own people!

3. The new business model has to avoid being too complex that ignore core business process simply for profit or acknowledgment. In the end, the final result is to develop a sustainable organization for the future which is balanced and well-rounded. In doing so, we have to focus on the critical key success factors and avoid too much dependency on the past success if there are any.

4. At the same time, we have to keep and sustain the evoke desire and affiliation for change and the acquisitive desire has to be taken to the next level.

5. A proactive leadership has to move as a team to reset the strategic plan and decision.

Believe me. We can.