Fake News

1. We don’t need a new law to counter fake news. Anything new is subjected to be abused. Look at when the telegram was first invented, remember when e-mail was first introduced, people spread all kinds of lies through them. But, when newer media becomes famous and popular, people forget the old and abuse the new one. Knowing the trend, then why need the new law? I strongly believe, the abuse vanishes with time.

2. As good as teaching people not to spread fake news, public education on the need for proper, thorough vetting on the ‘authentic’ news is equally important. ‘Authentic’ fake news can be spread by the most reliable sources too. The news may be true but the perspective of reporting may be totally biased and one-sided. The jaundiced views are in actual fact that need to be fought off because they shape the misinformed court of public opinion.

..the misinformed court of public opinion is the real threat to democracy 

3. When media are controlled, public are restricted to voice out their opinion. Engagement failure is a disaster for the government to rule. The democracy faces the enemy within namely poor feedback mechanism.

4. If we were to take the resemblance of a community to a family, head of the family plays a vital role to show an exemplary model of delivering the authentic news. Children often will just follow suit. Current laws and acts are adequate to contain the extent of fake news.

5. I am not a lawmaker, I am just an ordinary rakyat somewhere, at some point in Malaysia.


Top three of Bloom’s Taxonomy will definitely eliminate Fake News