Future of University

1. Corporate culture, objectives, vision, and mission of the university in a new economy must reflect high trust, principle-oriented, high-performance culture.

2. Indeed, in the near future half of the works in the university are outsourced and many are not going to work in the office anymore. People will make use of advanced telecommunication to do their work from homes or from specific workstations. No need big campus and a huge library. High trust culture to deliver result is needed.

3. The business then becomes global. Students come from all over the world. Universities need to narrow down their focus. It happens already now – Medical University, business, and management university are examples of focus business. In a competitive world, the focus and specific market allow specialization. Universities with less specialization need to regroup or share expertise with those with expertise.

4. Successful players relate very well to successful branding. People know the quality just by looking at the branding. Branding has to be benchmarked with quality. Branding using the new media provides much more targetted audiences.

5. Private universities must venture into the high-end market segment. Getting high-income customers requires strategies and expert assistance. Similarly, high-quality, intelligent and hardworking lecturers are the prerequisite to excellent teaching-learning and research activities.

6. Lastly, embark on quality. Continuous quality monitoring effort through ISO, 5S, programme accreditation keeps the university on par with its competitor.