Alor Star, Orang Kedah

1. Today, we completed the final round of accreditation review, area ten document. All is done in a rush since I will have to go for my teaching round in Alor Star tomorrow. Basically, a ton of files with hundreds of documents need to be prepared just for few hours document inspection. What is ironic, this is a repeat inspection.

2. My Alor Star visit usually begins with an early morning trip via BKE and NSE. Roti Canai and teh tarik at Restoran Mee Abu are fantastic for breakfast after long hours journey. The roti texture added with kuah banjir offer the taste, you can’t refuse! It’s hundred times better than the Secret Recipe or Cili Restaurant at Bali Hai Golf Club.

3. Here, in Alor Star is the place where I rediscover friendship and jealousy. It’s the place where mitragyna speciosa species are made into a cocktail and sold between RM2.50-RM5 per bungkus. It is also the place where my patient would come with paranoia and aggressive behavior.

4. Whether you know or not, Binjai is the name of a rare fruit which is found around every corner of the country, many decades ago. That’s why, you almost instantly bumped into Binjal in Kedah, Kelantan, Perak, and Melaka. In Kelantan, Binjai is the site of a day market where I used to go and buy fish and buah-buahan kampung each and every weekends. The sour taste of buah binjai is so good to make sambal belacan! Luckily, in Kedah, it is the name of a kampung too.


..this pic has nothing to do with the article, Happy hours with a friend in Penang..