1. I think, I better pen down my thought again as I may quickly gain gradual memory loss as the premature neuronal loss is inevitable as time passed by. If I am allowed to foresee the future of Malaysian people, I believe we Malaysians are at the junction of political and socioeconomic transformation. This is a normal phenomenon in life since life is a dynamic process.

2. In a way, my life as clinician and academician is bestowed with blessing. Thanks to Allah for allowing me to breathe and feel the pulsating life through a telescope and microscopic lenses. There are instances when I am involved with policy formulation. Certainly, policy formulation requires far-sighted decision making which demands viewing problem at telescopic level. On the other hand, when a patient comes to me and she presents with items of life baggage which she can’t handle. I treat and manage her problems at the microscopic level. The satisfaction to help others in many different ways is what I define as the blessing.

3. I believe to achieve balance in life, an equilibrium between work and family life has to be sought after. Otherwise, miscalculation creates dysequilibrium and leads to crisis.

4. Dr. Kathleen Hall, an internationally recognized lifestyle expert in stress said: “We have overstretched our personal boundaries and forgotten that true happiness comes from living an authentic life fueled with a sense of purpose and balance.” Achieving balance and moderation has always been one of the objectives of the spiritual masters of the past and will remain so in the future.