Fake News

1. We don’t need a new law to counter fake news. Anything new is subjected to be abused. Look at when … More


1. We had a kenduri to celebrate the completion of MQA document preparation and successful submission.  The occasion was significant to … More

The Road Less Travelled

1. I like adventure, not a physical one but experiential learning adventure. One of the ways to participate in experiential … More

Future of University

1. Corporate culture, objectives, vision, and mission of the university in a new economy must reflect high trust, principle-oriented, high-performance … More

Kuala Perlis

1. Nice place and nice food. My motto for Kuala Perlis. 2. Look at thick sallow-colored souce of mee udang … More

Freedom of Speech

1. Intellectual discourse is part of the freedom of speech. Malaysian universities allow academicians to embark on free academic discourse … More


1. Wake up as early as 3.30 am to board the earliest electric train service from Butterworth to KL Central. … More

Alor Star, Orang Kedah

1. Today, we completed the final round of accreditation review, area ten document. All is done in a rush since I … More


1. I think, I better pen down my thought again as I may quickly gain gradual memory loss as the … More