GST & Country Scenario

1. GST, no doubt, has cause inflation. Dining in fast food outlet alone would cause extra dollars.  Services tax plus Goods and Services tax come together hand in hand. That means people have to pay double taxes.

2. What a disbelief when the Minister says Services tax would be abolished but nevertheless made a U-turn later on by approving the ‘double trouble’ taxation. It is clear that the Minister had to bow down to the industry players.

3. To ordinary people, avoiding GST means eating out in ordinary stalls,  crowded with flies; near stuck drainage, that act as the heavenly night out for dogs and rodents. Cholera centers have become commonplaces in night markets, construction sites or even bus stations in big and small towns.

4. It is obvious that people voice had never been taken into account. Controlling overspending had never been on the agenda. The money is distributed like there is no tomorrow (refer BRIM distribution esp. at by-election sites)

5. It is our money that the government is spending. We have to say, please stop all the mismanagement!


.. a ghost to many people