1. Meeting Omar is fortunate. He taught me different kind of thought pattern altogether.

2. He blamed everyone (except him) for his addictive behavior. He was ambushed by the Sting (police anti-narcotic squad) while que up to purchasing ‘ubat’ (drug) near the ‘port’.

3. To him, his mom was wrong because she never appreciate what he did. Giving RM350 per month was never enough for her, he sighed.

4. Clinic staff were at fault because they failed to contact him for initial appointment to get replacement therapy, he commented.

5. Everything that happen to him are contributed by other people, not him. As if he never control his life, his own destiny. 

5. Projection is a defensive way of thinking when someone is quick at finger pointing; to divert attention at his own wrongdoing and blame others. It is the way of transferring responsibility for a problem to another person. Blame shifting is also common ly practice by politicians when they got caught giving misleading statements to public.

6. Buckpasser is someone who pass the bulk onto another person. Are they all narcissist?