A Conversation with YB


1. I had a conversation with a ‘wakil rakyat’ on the need to adopt sustainable development in his ‘kawasan’ (constitutional area). I’m happy that he was very responsive to my suggestion.

2. As people representative, wakil rakyat decides how to develop his area. Development blueprint directs business ventures and government agencies to focus and strategize on a certain aspect of the developmental goal. In the end, rakyat is expected to gain from those initiatives.

3. The easiest way is to invite Foreign Direct Investment. The government prepares land and incentives. The reasons to relocate certain business overseas have to be understood. Many developed countries want to get away labor-intensive industries outside theirs simply because they want to focus on knowledge-based technology. Some conventional technologies have a detrimental effect on the environment. They need to be relocated out of the country.

4. We have to choose what is the best for our country. So please choose wisely.😒