1. Dodi fears he might passed away instantly, middle of the night. Every time he pray, he believes it is the last time he serves the God. Whenever he see his only son, he feels that it is the last time of  meet him. Fear for the worst, he suddenly develops panic attack, repeated many times in a week. So he becomes religious. He immediately meet a religious scholar who advice him to be closer to God. People around him are happy with his changes in character for the better. 

2. Dodi meets me not because of his character changes. He becomes worry of his panic attack. He strongly believes he will be leaving his wife and his child behind.

3. He admitted when he was young, he used to abuse multiple drugs. The one he can’t forget is Ketamine. Ice and cannabis are included.

4. Now that he has married, he wants to stop taking drugs. Nevertheless, the new problem arise – panic attack.

5. His wife’s family entrusted him to run family business. This put another burden on him.

6. Can drug abuse cause remote psychological problem in the future? Current understanding says, no. Some drugs like cannabis is known to cause amotivational syndrome and latent personality traits or disorders years after stopping them. Having seen patients with drug abuse, I believe probably drugs could.