Press, Crisis and Tragedy

1. In a crisis, the highest authority should coordinate search and rescue operation. An emergency special cabinet committee akin to war committee comprises of relevant ministers has to plan interagency coordination in finding the missing plane. The report has to be made directly to the Prime Minister.

2. The government spokesman must be able to communicate in the universal language comprehensible by the press. Regional dialect would undermine the confidence and worst of all complicate information sharing with the family members.

3. Malaysians haven’t been open enough to delegate information to the press specialist. We believe the Director must be a spokesman or else he is not doing his job. Anyone try to take over this role is ‘hijacking’ the special role assigned to the Head. This kind of mentality has to be changed professionally. MH 370 incident had proven us wrong.

4. Malaysian media haven’t been overly critical. The government is in tight control of them. Hence the seize mentality is appalling during the crisis. We are not ready to face the real challenge from the rest of the world with regard to how and why certain information deemed necessary to be sanction nor release. No way the world press understand this. To them, Malaysian authority is holding information or ‘someone is not telling the truth’.

5. May MH 370 in safe hand.


stationary bullock cart will never crash ..