Philosophy of Work

syurga kerja2

1. Work plays a very important role in life. Interestingly, the definition of work varies from person to person. Income contribution is commonly thought to make up what most people defined work. Not uncommon to find the definition of work refers to someone who exerts some efforts in order to accomplish the result. I beg to disagree. Work can be accomplished even without monetary reward. Gotong-royong is a Malay word. It is based on the concept of togetherness when people do things together and help each other in the spirit of mutual contribution and goodwill.

2. Employment provides an opportunity for developing social contact with some kind of life purpose at the very least and social identity. Employment provides structure for time and timetabling one’s life.

3. Unemployment, underemployment, and overwork lead to stressful life. Managing stress at work requires full cooperation from the employer in modifying the work and provide the better working environment. Flexible working hours and working-at-home are new strategies to reappraise the whole important issue of providing a better working environment for employees.

4. A senior psychiatrist when communicating on reintegrating serious mental illness into community believes the only way forward is through the employment of economically active patients by reorganization of their work under close observation and support. Work integration can be done even prior discharge from the hospital, under assertive community care and community supervision.

5. Finally, I think, access to satisfying work remains one of the most sought-after goals of the human being. Serving human being must be truly honest in line with rules and regulation stipulated by individual culture and religion.