1. Some people say defeat can be habit forming.

2. I was shocked when told to share a hotel room few months back. Protested and managed to get a single room. Yet similar incident recurred. This time, I had to protest and find a new place.

3. When you are aging, you form habits which are personal and confidential. Sleep is reflective as when you are in total awareness. Therefore, it is hard, at certain stage in life to let people share your ‘dreaming world’ except with your familiar sleeping partner.

4. I got to make it clear and break the losing habit, once and for all. Those staffs of mine who book for me must resist habit of making excuses. Until I face up to them, I will keep on losing my own private sleeping sphere. I don’t mind, if I’m going into unpleasant bout of loosing respect in order to keep my sleeping right.

Sleep, sleep,
Come my way.
Let me sleep,
So I can start a new day