Women Domination?

1. I had a rare moment of repose each time I visited students posted outside the campus. The trip was far from being a passive observer but had to do teaching and case discussion. Students when they are being left alone, far from being paternalistic, are quite independent and organize.

2. Amid pervasive domination of women on campus, active discussion and idea sharing work well for both sexes. Despite small in number, male existence is necessary to avoid the all-female stereotype.

3. All girls are at risk of the competitive parade and sensational rumors. All boys are at risk of the bad crowd and terrible force of peer pressure. Earnest Hemingway short stories of Men without Women tell stories about gangsters, bullfighters, soldiers, and killers. Those are the world of men domination.

4. Feminists strive for women to be equal partners, I am not sure..since, on many occasions, I always heard complaints of difficulty juggling career and family come from women. Do those complaints mean, men are still dominant partners?

5. When women achieve parity in the lecture hall, men are pushed to the back seat…

equal numbersĀ ..