Happy New Year 2013

1. Happy New Year 2013.

2. It has been the busy year of 2012. Nonetheless, I am lucky to live in an environment where opinions are shared and ideas are exchanged. Occasionally, gossip plays some unintelligent role too. It has to be avoided at all cost, especially with the coming of New Year 2013.

3. I started my New Year by registering this blog to a new domain: mohdjamil.com

4. That means widening the scope of readers and re-branding the old blog into a new entity. Even without frequent entry, the old entity used to receive many readers every day. With the new entity hopefully, professionalism can be improved as I move along 2013.

5. I have made major changes in my life at the end of 2012 and continue improving it starting from 2013. (refer the last posting). I manage to go thro’ the adjustment period pretty well and looking forward to major challenges ahead. Pray to Almighty, I might be able to navigate my life successfully.

6. New school and PLKN. My kids obviously hate this..but they’re the rule of the country. Checking in to the new school is obviously stressful. Meeting new friends in PLKN create anxiety but surely teach a lot of social skills and improve EQ.

7. To reward them, I get a new computer: Acer New Touch Screen computer which works like IPad and laptop.

8. Finally, Syukur to Allah for all the past blessings and doa for the future undertaking.