1. I had stopped blogging for many months because I was fascinated by different app altogether.

2. Twitter is not quite new to me. For years, I will only update my twitter via WordPress or Blogspot. It is automatic you know..problem with Twitter is, I don’t have follower. I am just following political lad of any stature..and of course they do not become your follower. No point, I tweet when no one reply.

3. With the advent of new technology, picture can be downloaded straight into twitter. It is more interesting at last. Massage can be sent short and concise. It’s practical and good for busy people. That’s why politicians use Twitter than blog or FB.

4. Nevertheless, WordPress and Blogspot are smart too. They introduce ‘on the go’ apps which allow highly mobile people to update their blog status while they are moving from one place to another.

5. Now, social media seems to occupy most of people life. That is why it is categorically labelled under Lifestyle.

6. Whether it is healthy or not, it is up to us to balance out with the other biopsychosocialspiritual component of our life.