Empathetic Understanding

1. She is just 14. Feeling dejected, sensitive to criticism, need to be loved, wistfulness formed part of her personality. Dad is ill with multiple chronic ailments. Mum, a rubber-tapper has to work hard on a piece of rented land. She aspires to become a doctor one day but her achievement is just minimal.

2. She knows she got to read books until the sun comes below the ridge line and dusk had a full grip on the sky. Dad hollered out a warning warily. The slogan is for her to study hard and help them change the family financial situation for the better.

3. Every time she thinks about it her head pulses. Headaches become a psychosomatic symptom. She had just plain stressed out from this anguish and its aggravations.

4. Depression, of course, has to be ruled out.

5. Empathetic understanding by entering her private ‘world’ so as she could communicate her feeling regarding all her dilemma without hesitation is necessary.

6. She has to understand her attributes and learn to modify some of her attributes.

7. My advice is for her to be realistic about her aspiration to some achievable goals.

8. Lastly, learn to express the latent conflict.

9. The family role has never been underestimated. Who else, is the best to show empathetic understanding, if not the parent?

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