1. It’s hard to predict what would be the consequence of sexual activity inflicted on a 6-year old child. Adult perception is develop based on early images, meaning and perception. Fantasy play as early as 4 years old is known to affect the child’s view of sex-type behavior.

2. Children at this age can’t differentiate between play or abuse. They may appear explicitly normal but years later when they started to understand meaning of their experiences, feeling of shame and guilt may appear.

3. Adult’s coping with unfavorable experience ranges from repression, suppression, denial and displacement.

4. Women with a history of childhood sexual abuse show greater evidence of sexual disturbance, homosexual experiences, depression, and are more likely to be revictimized. Anxiety-depression and suicidal ideas have been associated with a history of childhood sexual abuse too (1).

5. Reconstructing and strengthening of perceptions of self and the meaning of events as well as helping to strengthen coping mechanism help to achieve positive outcome in adult. Exploring new possibilities, relating to others, personal strength, spiritual change, and appreciation of life would lead to optimism and extraversion in later life.