Ree and his Habit-forming Behaviour

1. Ree wants to perform Umrah finally but he worries he couldn’t bring methadone to the Holy Land. At last, he got the conscience to stop hooking on drugs. A friend of him even try to wean off methadone before going to Umrah but upon coming home he got even worst. What the chance Ree has?

2. The chance is Methadone hydrochloride produces subjective changes similar to those produced by heroin. It is about one and the half as potent when administered orally. Chronically administered methadone produces sedation, lethargic, apathy, reduction in sexual interest and activity, hemodilution, and edema.

3. Even when patients were receiving and tolerant to 100 mg/day, drug-seeking behavior was seen. Methadone hydrochloride in dose level of 100 mg orally produces physical dependence similar to that produced by morphine, except that onset of the abstinence syndrome is slower.

4. All I can reassure Ree is while on maintenance substitution therapy, you can have a better quality of life (QOL), a productive life as a human being but perhaps not so much on habit-forming long-lasting behavior.

5. Again another encounter of interesting human character..