1. Her dialect had changed to baku-ish slang after the injury which landed her in ICU for days. Friends were bemused and they teased her: ‘ganas mu..’

2. Today she has headache and couldn’t go to school. She had just came back from the nearest government health clinic when we arrived. Reporters had ceased visiting her since she is more or less not to be pursued for prime news any more.

3. She welcomed us with timorous smile. Mum was in school attending adik’s Hari Kecemerlangan Akademik. We opened up our kit and started testing her cognitive abilities.

4. What astonish me is how she now needs to work with some effort to speak the slang that she used to converse before with unpretentious free and easy.

5. She has now transformed into a renaissance girl, obedient and well-behaved daughter.

6. We all burst into laughter as we are convinced she is now ‘ganas‘ (superb!)