Magical Thinking

1. One fine day, a splendid splash of idea run through your mind like a flash of light, a scene of a man in a motorbike speeding and finally hit in a motor vehicle accident. You are puzzled and ask what is happening. Your innerself explain that is the vengeance of speeding. You are asking if you keep on counter-talking you are going to look absurd.

2. Magical thinking may be a normal phenomenon in children. It is a belief in adults. Unfortunately, the implication of the belief is beyond normal cause and effect. If the innerself is indeed a ‘perception that comes without any stimulus’ than you are indeed facing a problem then. If not, you are safe.

3. Magical thinking is quite normal in people with stress and to people dealing with helplessness and worthlessness. OCD with a lot of rumination might end up with some kind of magical thinking. Narcissistic, borderline and schizotypal are not spared to have magical thinking. Way beyond; no doubt, is psychosis.

4. In schizotypal, the odd thinking is like having a funny communication with the ruh, something normal to the bomoh and pawang. Don’t tell me bomoh and pawang are psychotics.

5. In borderline personality, the thoughts are believed to cause events in the context when the person devalue themselves and their environment.

6. The magical thinking in persons with the narcissistic trait is when they would fully believe that whatever happens they will prevail and those good things will happen to them forever.

7. Finally, I am now settling down with the final diagnosis. Am writing a referral to my colleague in Hospital Ipoh. Dear colleague,….

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