The Right to Live

1. An old man was dumped near the roadside. The unknown had subjected this old man to torture by dumping him near the rubble dumping site. When he was rescued, he was confused and demented.

2. After several searches with the police and relevant authorities for about two months, we manage to get his identity and relatives. All I don’t understand is how a man in a ‘dump truck‘ (the unknown) who happen to be a big brother dare to throw away his own brother like throwing a cat near the roadside. Then spreading stories that he is living on welfare aid. For sure, I hope I am wrong and I need another side of the story.

3. Elderly abuse is not a new phenomenon. A Malaysian survey has shown an alarming statistics. 636,461 elderly parents have been abandoned and did not receive support from their children. A new Mental Health Act 2001 makes a compulsory regulation for children to take care of mentally ill parents.

4. The government must help to ease the family burden by formulating Mental Health Benefits Act. Malaysians require some level of coverage to be provided for patients with serious mental illnesses. This group of patient needs some level of care which encompass their basic human right to live and breathe as we do.

5. Now it’s the time to act, dear parliamentarians..

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