Love Is Blind

1. Puzzle like never before when she was just smiling. Didn’t know where she came from; the kampung? the name of her sister? BF (other than just Abe) and even her class teacher.

2. All we knew she had forbidden love and expecting a labor of love with someone.

3. Love is blind. As Shakespeare writes in Two Gentlemen of Verona: If you love her you cannot see her. Why? Because Love is blind. True enough in her case, If you love him, forget about his name, Abe is enough. Why? Because Love is blind. Never before, I witness blind love in life drama.

4. My friend had a funny answer: he said, ‘no’ love is not blind. It is after you know her true color, you wish you’d been blind.

5. But the drama has to continue. I had told my two friends, go and get the follow-up. The faster the better. The ending must be tragic and broken-hearted….


1. Shakespeare must be making some errors in real LIFE.

2. Living in the animal world where the mighty win, cognitive weakness was capitalized to the benefit of the predator. It is as tragic and broken-hearted as I said.

3. The local version of true love…

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