1. I have no idea how Ghafar is able to make his own belacan. But Miri’s belacan is special, especially to sambal belacan’s lover. When I was presented with a year stock of belacan what can I say?

2. According to Ghafar, making belacan is not difficult. What he needs to do is to ‘jemur’ those tiny shrimp on top of the roof after mixed well with ‘garam’ and leave for it to dry and ‘tumbuk’ with ‘lesung batu’ till ‘lumat’. You got to Google translate those words!

3. One thing amazing about Miri’s belacan is that it has very much less foul smelling aroma. Am still in a daze how he makes it that way.

4. Don’t be surprised. the famous actor has a side business in making belacan too (Read Here). It has potential to become a serious business for him one day.

5. Budu is analog to belacan. A colleague claims that budu is good for the brain (brain food) and I have no idea of how to counterstrike his statement so he may be right! ha..

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