1. Many a time we encounter people come to be examined on virginity. A 2-year-old child was found to have some questionable marks on vulva areas; the mum suspected foul play and wanted to find out what went wrong.

2. Are we going to dismiss maternal instinct, even without trace of evidence and vehement suspicion?

3. The world has becoming unsafe place for indefensible folks. People are not just being robbed of their property but their feeling and dignity. That was what Wardina Safiyyah said in MHI early morning today.

4. Yes, as inquisitive clinicians, we will investigate…



1. When parental divorce happens, children used to become scapegoat. When a mom starts to be suspicious of her ex-husband, everything is being questioned.

2. The truth that prevail at last is a big NO. No evidence of abuse.