Protest and Social Justice

1. Politic is like religion. You can never separate politics from human life. Therefore, I understand why people protest and the dire need to build up civil society.

2. I’d rather be a rational person. I can’t take sides and close my eyes on one side or the other. I have been told in academia to avoid bias. I am very irritated with those who keep changing their stance. To me, they are politicians without principle.

3. I’ve nothing against Mike Ficken’s, Reader Digest article on the importance of peaceful protest. Without protest how could we uphold social justice. History has shown it again and again when people are oppress they fight back in a robust momentum like a spring with the domino effect.

4. Many students use political activism to escape ache and pain striving for excellence in the classroom. Few student activists are really good in their study though. In the end, balance is very much needed. Students must show excellence in their study and at the same time knowledgeable on issues faced by the nation.

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