Global Burden of Depression

1. The Australian study conducted by Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows depression as no 1 disease that causes disability in Australia. 4% … More


1. I have no idea how Ghafar is able to make his own belacan. But Miri’s belacan is special, especially … More

Inquiry About Virginity

1. Many a time we encounter people come to be examined on virginity. A 2-year-old child was found to have … More

Chicken and Egg

1. Sleep is the most frequent question we ask when enquiring about psychological problems. Sleep a lot or having less … More

Dare To Make Mistakes

1. I trust mistakes are good to make except during final exam time. Because learning occurs when mistakes are made. … More

Protest and Social Justice

1. Politic is like religion. You can never separate politics from human life. Therefore, I understand why people protest and … More