Travels the East Coast – Part I

1. Kuala Terengganu was a beautiful city especially looking down the Sultan Mahmud bridge with the low sun throwing a rich golden light on the mouth of Terengganu river; reflected sun rays onto the beautiful Crystal Mosque, blazing into our eyes who were driving along the bridge to go into the city.

2. The day was gorgeous. We had already passed a 3-hour driving trail along the coastal road looking at the South China Sea. We had also discovered two pasar minggu (weekly market) at Kuala Besut and Penarik. Kuala Besut’s market was very huge with nearly thousand of visitors. It was in the early morning of Friday, the weekend holiday on the East Coast.

3. When we crossed the border into Terengganu, we stopped at Kuala Besut jetty looking for tourist going to Pulau Perhentian. We found not a single tourist waiting for the ferry, only to realize that the service was temporarily stopped due to heavy monsoon season. On the way down, we passed through a row of closed wooden shophouses. It was a lazy town meant for fishing and transport tourist to Pulau Perhentian.

4. Taman Tamaddun Islam is basically located in a small uninhabited island called Pulau Wan Man, adjoining the Terengganu Museum. A beautiful road connected the Muzium to this site. The view is spectacular once you look down the Sultan Mahmud bridge with colorful lightings of the mosques and monuments.

5. If I may suggest the State government to build an observation tower or cable car near Sultan Mahmud bridge to look down at the site and along Terengganu river. That is where tourists can spot the beautiful sunset that adds to the lustrous color of nature at its best.

6. My guess was a gentleman, slender, smiley and soft-spoken. He was a strict vegetarian too. I met a family from South Thailand cycling and taking breathtaking photos around this park. We enjoyed the view and the AVA presentation especially on Taj Mahal and Masjidil Aqsa.

7. I was informed that this place has becoming the favorite place for the wedding reception because of its spectacular view for the photo session. The adjoining convention center is used by many institutions of higher learning for convocation ceremony.

8. I couldn’t believe why it was considered a waste of public fund.  If the marketing strategy is right, this place can attract a lot of visitors inside and outside the country. I believe I could see why? None other than politics.

I rest in exhaustion once I reach home.

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