Sex and the City

1. My wife told me one day about TV3 series Bersamamu which screened a handicapped person, a husband with telepes aquinovarus and his 7 children. I have not been so curious about Sex and the City. If I could I would have bought pirate CDs of Samantha Jones and delve deeper into the reason why Samantha couldn’t come, no matter how hard she tries.

2. There is a myth talking about sex. But one wonders how and why kampung people have so many children. When I did my O+G, I was scared of needle prick injury and the risk of contracting HIV. It is a common knowledge that people in the coastal and border area are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases. It is due to their exposure to cross-border human trafficking and sexual promiscuity.

3. I remember, long long time ago, a friend of mine who stayed near Kedah-Perlis border, had humorously told me on how he accidentally met his dad in a pub, at Padang Besar, Thailand when he was in secondary school. Actually, he was the first to be there when his dad stepped his foot in. It was so funny when he tried to simulate his dad when the latter shouted at him in front of the other customers: balik..balik (go home). His dad seemed to dutifully perform his duty but yet he himself had the intention which was less spoken and mysteriously hidden. It was like the Malay metaphor umpama ketam menyuruh anaknya berjalan betul (like the crabs ask their children to walk properly).

4. It was on the other occasion when a friend of mine who owns a specialize addiction clinic in Lorong Hj Taib had invited me to join him. I went there at dusk without realizing what I would expect to see. I got down at Chow Kit LRT station and walked down Jalan Hj Taib, near pasar malam which is similar to London East End which is famous for poverty, overcrowding, disease, and criminality.

5. From a dusty, noisy pasar malam, I turned left to a dim lighted nondescript street of Lorong Hj Taib. At the back of shop houses, few frail looking twenty-something blokes were seen wandering and they looked suspicious at me. Those mat gian must be watching me as I walked away hastily, without glancing back at them and started giving my friend a call.

6. I was advised to look for Balai Polis Chow Kit and his premise was just located opposite to the police station. Once I was in, I was introduced as one of his patients coming to get methadone. The patients were dumbfounded to see me as one of their gang who was so ‘healthy’ and ‘segar bugar’..hehe..There I witnessed addicts came either by walking or by bikes to drink methadone.

7. Contrary to my experience earlier on, the ambion was so safe in the clinic compounded by the scene of the police station on the opposite side of the road. Some of the workers in the clinic were ex-addicts themselves.

8. My friend and I walked passing along the corridor of BB Inn Hotel. Sex workers and drug addicts are scarce nowadays; I was told by another friend who is currently doing a study in Chow Kit area which I am one of the co-researcher. A research assistant was hired to interview children and their mothers who work as sex workers. We had just finished the write-up and submitted a report.

9.  That night my friend brought me to a famous sushi corner in Maju Junction unfortunately without an aphrodisiac drink, Tongkat Ali Long Jack Orang Kampung…

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