1. Taliban is a plural of Talib, a student or seeker in an Islamic madrasah. There are more than 30 000 madrasahs in Pakistan. In Afghanistan, women are prohibited from working because it is felt that they should be at home bringing up their children and teaching them to be good Muslims. The imposition of strict purdah is to protect sisters from corrupt people as well as literal adherence to the Quranic translation of covering their bodies.

2. Taliban are open about their beliefs on syariat. The Islamic law is much more strictly enforced in the cities like Kandahar, Kabul, and Herat than in rural areas over which the Taliban not only have less control but which they encourage the traditional role of the village leaders. The mullahs are members of the Sura or governing council. Mullah Mohamad Omar Akhunzade is the Amirul Mukminin and he is infallible and all decisions, theological or secular is ultimately rested with him.

3. According to the description, he is tall, thin, elegant, reclusive, pious and rarely meet people from outside world. His edicts are pronounced in an almost inaudible voice that distracts nothing from their binding power. He is an intelligent, charismatic and twice-wounded of resistance, command deep respect among his followers.

Women In Veil

(Abstract from: John C. Griffiths)

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