“Paradoks” is a Malay novel written by the former Deputy Minister of Finance, Datok Dr Affifudin Hj Omar.

It revolves around conspiracy, sex scandal, corruption, belief to Malay traditional healer and defamation.

Ariffin, a high-income technocrat, resigned and joined politics during the seventh general election. His wife, Noraini was expecting Arifin to be appointed as full Minister but his position languished to just an ordinary backbancher, even though he contributed significantly, inside and outside parliment.

This was due to defamatory reports, incitements and inaccurate informations relayed to the party leaders by king makers who were jealous and envious of him.

Noraini was frustrated and her resentment led to marital conflict from time to time.

Along the way, Arifin witnessed the steady promotion of backbanchers who were corrupted and mediocre but nonetheless, they were promoted due to family and business relationships with top party leaders.

The perception was those who are brilliant, honest and render good service to the party were then marginalized.

Those paradoxes had threatened Arifin political and marital fortune. Even when he left politics and became a millionaire’s businessman, he was treatened again by few paradoxes in his new endavour.

To those who know Dr Affifuddin, some of the events are perhaps real life experiences based on his political and business forbearances. The other half are purely fictional.

I trust this pseudo-bibliographical, semi-fictional novel may add to the treasure of political satire in Bahasa Malaysia in the awakening of new socio-political movements to deny the importance of Bahasa ibunda. It may also add to political resistance to political culture at present.

A stunning political tale of Melayu Baru