Generating Mental Wellbeing

1. Can we generate mental wellbeing? Yes. Why not…

2. Mental wellbeing can be generated through a conscious act of empowering self-efficacy and therefore reducing dependency and creating less burden to the society.

3. It can be promoted by various steps including:
-balance diet
-Adequate rest and sleep
-Relaxation and avoidance of excessive stress
-Avoid taking illicit substances, caffeine, and alcohol

4. Imam al-Ghazali had mentioned in his book regarding 10 features that come under the commendable trait (sifat-sifat mahmudah). In contrast to the commendable trait, he had also suggested another 10 features of the reprehensible trait (sifat-sifat mazmumah).

5. The commendable trait includes repent, scare (to Allah), ascetic, patience, thankful, sincere, tawakkal (trust), mahabbah (love), redza and remembrance of death. On the other hand, the reprehensible trait includes binge-eating, talk a lot, angry, jealousy, stingy, majestic feeling, love the world and its content, pride, and show-off.

6. Prayers indeed have a lot of stress-reducing elements. Conscientious prayer can be achieved by making sure that you are fully ready for the ibadah at the time of wudhu’, understanding the meaning of Arabic prayers uttered, empty the mind from worldly affairs, thinking as if you are praying for the last time in your life, taking care of the food, the cloth, and the home and making sure they are derived from solely halal sources, scare of God and finally by joining the congregate prayers.

7. The protective factors for healthy mental well-being include sound physical health, stable and productive career, sound financial health, supportive family, and friends.

8. Those are the gests of my talk delivered at the World Mental Health Day, 2011 at the Nuclear Medicine Auditorium, HUSM on October 24th, 2011.

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